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The Story

Bruce Feagle’s creativity defies categories. A visionary and industry pro, he operates a multidisciplinary agency born of innovative thinking.

A film director, producer, writer, editor, recording engineer, and classically trained musician, his talents can’t be contained in one or two areas.

Add to that a calm-under-fire demeanor paired with a streamlined and solution-oriented approach, and you understand his success.

Bruce Feagle started playing the violin at eight years old. He performed in the Fred Waring Youth Orchestra and later earned scholarships to Isomata/Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts.

He’s worked in capacities ranging from an audio engineer, recording engineer, director of photography, and editor, having worked with numerous music and film legends.

He has bridged the gap between computers, music, and video. His musical experience and ear play a role in his creative approach. In a happy merger of left brain and right, Bruce enjoys photography, astronomy, and astrophotography.