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NGC 2264

This is a narrowband image of NGC 2264. In the Hubble Palette.

NGC 2264 is the location where the Cone Nebula, the Stellar Snowflake Cluster, and the Christmas Tree Cluster have formed in this emission nebula. They are located 2,700 light-years away in the constellation Monoceros. The Monoceros constellation is not typically visible to the naked eye due to its lack of colossal stars.

These dust clouds, along with hydrogen and helium are producing luminous new stars. The combination of dense clouds and an array of colors creates a color map filled with varying wavelengths. As seen here. The focus is on the emitted light from Sulfur II, Hydrogen-alpha, and doubly ionized oxygen.

Over 18 hours of exposure.
75×300 SII – 72×300 Ha – 74×300 OIII
Orion 8″ Astrograph f3.9 – Baader MPCC
asi2600MM – Gain:LRN @ -15c
ZWO-OAG asi290mm guiding
CGX Mount – Sequence Generator Pro
Phd – PixInsight – Photoshop
Imaged from Palm Desert, CA USA.
Bortle 8